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August 8, 2009 is our company's first celebration day of Lianxin Testing Opening to the outside world! For the first time since its establishment, the company has set up a special meeting banquet in Bao'an Restaurant, the headquarters of the company, to thank new and old customers for their patronage and support, as well as all the cooperating manufacturers for their sincere cooperation as before, as well as all the relatives and friends who have always given care and warmth. Gao Peng is full, the scene is very hot!
With a long way to go, I will search from top to bottom. At this very touching moment, I would like to solemnly announce and promise to you with the company's weak reputation:
1. In the future, August 8 will be the grand celebration day of our company. At that time, our company will give all new and old customers comprehensive products and services concessions within 100 days of the celebration day, that is, from August to October.
2. At present, the financial turmoil is rampant. Perhaps for a long time to come, everyone will be strongly impacted by the economic crisis. And I will be at the top of the wave, and we will never give up, honor and disgrace coexist, spend this long and difficult time together, to meet the spring of economic recovery;
No matter how fierce the market competition is, our company will face it correctly. Never be a slave to the vicious circle of inferior quality and low price competition!
Finally, I will conclude with the famous quote of "opponent" made up by myself: the so-called "opponent", we will all face and experience. Just as I have a "opponent" myself, they are divided into thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and small finger. Should we deal with our opponent correctly by "thumb" or "little finger"... But eventually they will be held in my hand, and this "opponent" has become my "left arm and right arm"!
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