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                                    Yangon Time &

                                    Welcome To Baron Travels And Tours

                                    Would you like to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Myanmar? If you would, please contact BARON Travels and Tours at . WE offer a professional service with very competitive rates. For more information, please visit tunaizc.com

                                    Highlights and Destinations



                                    Yangon was formally a
                                    village called Dagon.
                                    Having captured it in 1755
                                    from the Mon ....more



                                    Mandalay, Myanmar's
                                    second largest City, is
                                    located in Central
                                    Myanmar 668 ....more



                                    The ancient city of Bagan
                                    stands on the east bank
                                    of the Ayeyarwaddy
                                    in an incredible ....more


                                    Inle Lake

                                    Inle Lake is 22km long and
                                    about 11km wide. The lake
                                    is at 1328 metres above
                                    sea level....more



                                    Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is
                                    located in Mon State. It is
                                    about 20kms from the
                                    town Kyaikhto....more


                                    Taungoo Monument

                                    The Taungoo Monument
                                    of the Chinese
                                    Expeditionary .....more


                                    Yenangyaung Monument

                                    The Yenangyaung
                                    Monument wasfinished
                                    on January....more



                                    Thanbyuzayat, about 40 miles south of Mawlamyine, is the infamous Burma-Siam
                                    Railway, also ....more

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